A crypt was added to this church around 1170 and this is the only room of the original church that survived intact when construction of the current building started in 1210. Mehr über Frau Uta im Buch des Autors, "Uta von Naumburg. If using only local trains in the region, the Saxony-Anhalt Ticket is a great savings option. 20a UStG ) The local bus is somewhat complicated and limited — walking may be faster. Der Autor verwendet ältere Quellen aus dem 11. und 12. She became almost a cult figure of Gothic art and is sometimes described as the most-beautiful woman of the middle ages. Führungen Spezial: Sonderführung durch Dom und Domgarten mit kleiner Weinprobe; Kostümführung mit dem Naumburger Meister oder Uta von Naumburg; Exklusivführung durch Domstiftsarchiv und –bibliothek However, he managed to create twelve individuals showing personality through the realistic portrayal of emotion in their faces, their demeanor, and their positioning. The figure known as Uta von Naumburg is considered by many to be "the most beautiful woman of the Middle Ages." The history of the town of Naumburg begins at the turn of the 9th and 10th centuries. The church is particularly famous for the architectural and sculpted masterpieces by the Master of Naumburg that are some of the most important early Gothic monuments in Germany. Ekkehard II. Die farbig gefasste Steinfigur wurde Mitte des 13. Die Statuen haben ausgeprägt individuelle Gesichtszüge. Eindämmungsverordnung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt, nur für die Kinder der Eltern, welche in den durch die Verordnung festgelegten Schlüsselbereichen tätig sind, ein Anspruch auf Notbetreuung besteht. Werkgeschichte. His work in Naumburg was of such quality that it gave him his notname. The most notable painting is “The Birth of Christ” by Lucas Cranach (1510) while parts of the Virgin Altar (1518) are also attributed to Cranach and his workshop. Die sogenannte Uta von Naumburg gilt vielen als "schönste Frau des Mittelalters". Juni 2020 bis 31. „Der Werkmeister und Künstler ist namentlich nicht bekannt, so dass man ihn nach seinem Hauptwerk in Naumburg, dem Westchor des Doms, als Naumburger Meister bezeichnet. 1250 en is opgetrokken in vroeg-gotische stijl. Jahrhundert gebaut wurde. A copy of a medieval choral book is usually on display — originals are in the treasury and may weigh up to 45 kg each (nearly 100 pounds). Light enters the choir through the tall windows in the five sides of this polygon. Die Uta von Naumburg genannte Statue ist eines der bedeutendsten plastischen Bildwerke der deutschen Gotik. Markgräfin Uta von Naumburg, die berühmteste Stifterfigur, gilt als „schönste Frau des Mittelalters“. She wears a crown which at that time was reserved only for women from royal families. (approx. The stained glass in three of these windows are considered largely original. The wooden choir stalls date from around 1500. At around the same time, the Baroque interior from the mid-18th century was removed to return the church somewhat to its original medieval appearance. Naumburg Cathedral’s west choir was constructed between 1249 and 1260. Die Münze als exklusive Sonderprägung anlässlich der Verleihung des Unesco-Welterbe-Titels können Numismatiker natürlich auch ihrer Sammlung hinzufügen. It has a population of around 33,000. Oktober 2020 Marienkirche am Naumburger Dom Besichtigungen zu den regulären Öffnungszeiten des Naumburger Doms Besichtigung im Eintrittspreis des Naumburger Doms enthalten. Some of the liturgical books weigh up to 45 kg (around 100 pounds). Some of the stained-glass windows are originals from the building period while others were added in the early 15th century. Only around two dozen items are on display with the main attractions a few paintings, altars, sculptures, and liturgical books. It dates from 1230 and with three vaulted spaces resembles a building on its own rather than just a screen to separate the laity from the clergy. The church is on the Markt, which has several restaurants. De Petrus- en Paulusdom in de Duitse stad Naumburg was de kathedraal van het voormalige bisdom Naumburg.De dom behoort tot de belangwekkendste romaanse bouwwerken van Saksen-Anhalt.De bouw van de kerk bestrijkt een grote tijdsspanne, maar vond grotendeels in … The serene Uta von Ballenstedt is by far the most famous of these sculptures. Naumburger Dom. : 03445 – 2301-133 oder 03445 – 2301-120 Fax: 03445 – 2301-134 E-Mail: fuehrung@naumburger-dom.de. It shows the purification ceremony of Mary 40 days after the birth of Jesus: two doves were offered and the Prophet Simeon recognized Christ as the Messiah. in a place traditionally reserved for saints. However, there are doubts in research as to whether this figure really is the historical Uta von Ballenstedt. A Naumburgi mester (németül Naumburger Meister, Meister von Naumburg) az 1220-as–1250-es évek között alkotó, ismeretlen szobrász.A németországi gótikus kőszobrászat jelentős művésze volt.. Élete. It was made by the Master of Naumburg (Naumburger Meister), whose name is not known but whose work survived from France, where he learned his trade, to Mainz, Naumburg, and Meißen. Die Tochter des Grafen von Ballenstedt lebte von etwa 1000 bis 1046 und wurde durch ihre Heirat mit Ekkehard II., einem der Stifter des Doms, zur Markgräfin von Meißen. The city of Naumburg, with about 33,000 inhabitants, is located in the south of the German federal state of Saxony-Anhalt. Naumburg Cathedral was inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list in 2018, as the 44th German UNESCO-listed site. « Visit the Sinsheim Museum of Technology in Germany, See the Hildebrandt “Bach” Organ in Stadtkirche St Wenzel in Naumburg », Visit Naumburg Cathedral to See Uta and Top Medieval Art in Germany, Visit the Dom zu Halberstadt with Cathedral Treasury (Domschatz) in Germany, Public Transportation to Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), Cheap Airport Express Trains to Berlin-Brandenburg International Airport (BER), By Bus and U-Bahn Train to Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), Saving Tips and Cheap Deals for Traveling on the Bernina Express Train, Graf Konrad, a nephew of Ekkehard II and Hermann I, Gräfin Uta von Ballenstedt and Markgraf Ekkehard II of Meissen (as a couple), Gräfin Reglindis and Markgraf Hermann I of Meissen, older brother of Ekkehard (as a couple), Sunday and religious holidays from 11:00 to 18:00, Sunday and religious holidays from 12:00 to 18:00. A ma látható épület, amely Szász-Anhalt egyik legjelentősebb késő románkori műemléke, jórészt a 13. század első feléből származik. It is one of the oldest surviving examples in Europe of this powerful image. Taxis are a good option. He used highly realistic portrayals of figures and exact depictions of leaves, fruit, and flowers in the decorations of the capitols and friezes. The twelve donors were all members of the German high nobility (Hochadel) but life-size secular statues of anyone but a king or emperor were unheard of at this period of history. It was only recovered at an auction in 2018. Naumburg Cathedral (Naumburger Dom St Peter und St Paul) is a Romanesque-Gothic masterpiece in the state Saxony-Anhalt in the geographical center of eastern Germany. Eckard is slightly taller, a resolute man, and as margrave used to exercise the power symbolized by his sword. St George and St Paul. per Mail an silke.broemme@naumburg-stadt.de. The last two scenes in wood are from 1737 but finished in the same style to replace the scenes damaged in a major fire in 1532. Being portrayed together as couples showed their importance, as did the positioning at the pillar where the polygon meets the square. More interesting is ascending to the elevated east choir. But the only woman of royal descent among the founder figures is Reglindis (* around 989 - 1016), daughter of the Polish King Bolesław I. Chrobry and the Sorbian princess Emnilda. She shows none of Uta’s coolness — she is smiling and full of life. Die Stadtverwaltung Naumburg (Saale) informiert, dass mit der Veröffentlichung der ab Mittwoch, den 16.12.2020 geltenden 9. Due to a lack of written documentation, details and exact dates are unknown. The daughter of the Count of Ballenstedt lived around 1000 - 1046 and became Margravine of Meissen through her marriage to Ekkehard II, one of the founders of the cathedral. The 12 donor sculptures (Stifterfiguren) of Naumburg Cathedral are the best-known works of early Gothic art in Germany. The Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul in Naumburg is one of Europe’s most important cultural monuments from the high middle ages and is a major visitor attraction on the “Romanesque Route”. In addition to the remains of walls and bastions, the Garden of the Naumburger Meister has examples of many of the around 200 plants that could be identified from the sculptures, friezes, and capitals used in the rood screen of the western choir. The daughter of the Count of Ballenstedt lived around 1000 - 1046 and became Margravine of Meissen through her marriage to Ekkehard II, one of the founders of the cathedral. Mietspiegel Naumburg 2016/17; Mietspiegel Naumburg 2013/14; Firmen. The opening hours are: Allow at least an hour for a visit although following the audio guide around two hours are required (including the treasury). Eine Ode von Alexander Cammann A further exhibition space is in the upper floors of the same building. Filed Under: Germany, Saxony-Anhalt Tagged With: Cathedral, Dom, Gothic, Naumburg, Romanesque, Sachsen-Anhalt, Saxony-Anhalt, UNESCO. The figure known as Uta von Naumburg is considered by many to be "the most beautiful woman of the Middle Ages." The Naumburg Johannesschüssel (the head of John the Baptist on a charger) is a lime-wood head sculpted in central Germany during the first half of the 13th century on a charger from the early 16th century. Naumburg an der Saale has very good railway links to other cities in Germany in the immediate region including Halle, Leipzig, and Jena — see German Railways timetables for travel planning to Naumburg (Saale) Hbf. Het oostkoor werd in de veertiende eeuw in gotische stijl herbouwd. The portrayal of Uta von Ballendstedt made her one of the icons of Gothic sculpture and often considered the most-beautiful woman in medieval Europe. The organ in Naumburg, and one of the finest in the world, is the Hildebrandt organ with input by Bach and Silbermann in the Stadtkirche St. Wenzel on the Markt in Naumburg. Visit the Romanesque-Gothic Naumburg Cathedral (Naumburger Dom) to see the Uta sculpture and other highlights of medieval art in Germany. In contrast to the eastern rood screen that should divide the laity from the clergy, the western rood screen serves as a chapel facade and a portal to the western choir. The pulpit dates from 1466, and although largely restored during the 1930s, the scenes with the 12-year-old Jesus in the temple, St Augustin, and St George are considered original. Note the juxtapositioning of especially Peter and the isolated Judas at the (reduced) final supper and the typical conical hats worn by the Jews but not by the disciples or Romans. Behandelt wird die Grablege von Uta. Es handelt sich um eine der zwölf Stifterfiguren einer frühen Kapelle, um die der neue Dom … :) Ok, today it was easy, going up to the Dom and city center by tram nr 4 from the railway station. It is sometimes argued that the Master of Naumburg made a mistake — the crown with the fleur de lys worn by Uta rightfully belongs on the head of the royal princess. The attribution of the names of the male founder figures is also questionable. More photos of Naumburg Cathedral on Flickr. Die farbig gefasste Steinfigur wurde Mitte des 13. The west choir of the Naumburg Cathedral is not only the artistic highlight of the church but also considered one of the most important architectural and artistic monuments of the Middle Ages in Germany. Schirmherr der Sonderausstellung „Uta trifft Nina“ ist Rainer Robra, Staats- und Kulturminister des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt. Besucherservice Naumburger Dom Tel. The twelve life-size sculptures of founders of the cathedral in the west choir are world-renowned, among them, the beautiful Uta. A tower may be scaled on guided tours (€3) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 15:00 from March to October. The Romanesque-Gothic church in Germany has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as an outstanding testimony to the architecture and sculpture of the High Middle Ages. After entering the main church, it is possible to descend to the crypt that dates from 1160-70 and is the only room surviving from the original early Romanesque church. All four towers are part of the Romanesque structure but the western two were finished with Gothic detailing. Ten of the sculptures are merged within the structures of the walls with only two freestanding. Lastly, some of the statues even carry weapons — something traditionally allowed in a Christian church only by saints having specific weapons as saint symbol, e.g. A depiction of Martin Luther reminds that the first evangelical (protestant) bishop ever, Nikolaus von Amsdorf, was ordained here by Luther in person in 1542. It was restored to its original condition and is often played. . He has a look of melancholy and portrays none of the resoluteness and power of his brother. Es handelt sich um eine der zwölf Stifterfiguren einer frühen Kapelle, um die der neue Dom im 13. Jahrhunderts. A powerful woman clearly in control of her emotions. These twelve persons — eight men and four woman — were the main donors that funded the original Romanesque cathedral of Naumburg in the early 11th century. Naumburg (German pronunciation: [ˈnaʊmbʊɐ̯k]) is a town in (and the administrative capital of) the district Burgenlandkreis, in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, Central Germany. Übersicht zu Wohnangeboten; Finanzielle Fördermöglichkeiten; Tourismus. The pleasant garden behind the cathedral is worth visiting in fine weather. Furthermore, crossword puzzles are very popular in Germany and a three-letter “Uta” is simply more often called for than a “Reglindis”. Displayed separately is an illuminated page from a Naumburg Choral Book from 1500/04 that was removed from the book between 1903 and 1934. Despite her noble heritage, she is still under the protection of her husband. They are dressed in clothes of the nobility of the mid-13th century. The bronze handrail was made in 1972 by the Magdeburg artist Heinrich Apel — it shows a procession of animals approaching St Francis of Assisi. The 12 life-sized sculptures of the donors, especially the serene Uta von Ballenstedt, are artistic highlights of the Middle Ages and early Gothic period. She is also called Uta of Naumburg as the subject of a famous donor portrait by the Naumburg Master. This website uses cookies. Furthermore, they were positioned — and ten of them actually merged with the structure of the walls — in the western choir of a major cathedral, i.e. Sekretariat Telefon: 03445 – 2301-0 Telefax: 03445 – 2301-110 E-Mail: info@vereinigtedomstifter.de Bereits in seiner 41. Der heute evangelische Naumburger Dom St. Peter und Paul in Naumburg (Saale) ist die ehemalige Kathedrale des Bistums Naumburg und stammt größtenteils aus der ersten Hälfte des 13. A Szent Péternek és Pálnak szentelt naumburgi dóm a Saale-menti Naumburg városában található egykori püspöki székesegyház. Besucherservice Naumburger Dom Tel. The church is particularly famous for the architectural and sculpted masterpieces by the Master of Naumburg that are some of the most important early Gothic monuments in Germany. WILLKOMMEN IN NAUMBURG. The donor figures are, anti-clockwise from right when entering the choir: These sculptures are unique in Germany for this period. She is sometimes known as the “Smiling Polish Woman” (“Lächelende Polin”), as she was the daughter of Polish king Boleslav I the Brave. The Gothic artworks, especially the 12 life-size statues of the cathedral donors by the Master of Naumburg and accompanying the deep-relief rood screen, are amongst the highlights of medieval art in Europe. Although Naumburg Cathedral was added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list in 2018, the church and the rest of this pleasant town still remain fairly quiet and undiscovered by foreign tourists. The nave of the Naumburg Cathedral is framed by remarkable rood screens on both the eastern and western ends. The lecterns (Lesepulte) are even older with the smaller dating from the 13th century. This Gesamtkunstwerk consists of the west choir itself, the rood screen that serves as a chapel facade and portal, as well as the remarkable statues of the 12 donors. This site is not responsible for the content of linked external sites. Sitzung 2017 hatte das UNESCO-Welterbe-Komitee den „außergewöhnlichen universellen Wert des Naumburger Doms“ anerkannt. When exiting the church, keep the audio guide for the visit to the cathedral treasury in a large Romanesque vaulted cellar off the cloister. The statues have remarkable individual facial features. Other large works with impressive finer detail include the Retable from the Three Kings Chapel from around 1415-20 and the Mary Retable from the Altar of the Mary and St Dorothea from the mid-15th century. Contact service providers directly before making any arrangements. IP-Numbers are anonymized but your consent is still required. More about and opt-out option: Privacy Policy. The inscriptions on the shields were only added during later restorations. In contrast, his wife Reglindis is not only slightly bigger but seems to have more strength. It has a special exhibition with models and copies of works by the master of Naumburg, as well as other temporary displays. Parking is available at the nearby “Unter dam Dom” parking lot — free street parking is available a few blocks away but only use if understanding German parking rules. The Gothic west rood screen, made by the Master of Naumburg around 1240-50, is considered one of the most important art and architectural items from the Middle Ages. For an optimal view of our website, please rotate your tablet horizontally. This Länderticket covers local train and bus transportation in all of Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony, and Thuringia, and has the same validity and price as the Sachsen or Thuringia Tickets. It is around a 15-minute walk from Naumburg Bahnhof to the cathedral — it gets more interesting nearer the center. One of the cathedral’s most impressive features are the twin choir screens which separate the … Naumburg an der Saale is around half an hour by train from Halle or Leipzig. Since then, it attracted nearly 150,000 paying visitors per year. The four sculptures of most interest are the two couples: Margrave Eckard II (Markgraf Ekkehard II) of Meißen and his wife Uta von Ballenstedt, as well as Margrave Hermann of Meißen and his wife Regilinda (Reglindis). Naumburg - Uta und der Dom passen nun locker gemeinsam in jede Hosentasche - wenn einem wertvolle Glücksbringer gefallen oder man Naumburgs Wahrzeichen immer bei sich tragen will. Uta trifft Nina – Sonderausstellung mit Fotografien von Jürgen Sieker 07. Another top sight in Naumburg is the Stadtkirche St Wentzel with the fantastic organ built by Hildebrandt to the ideas of Bach and the guidance of Silberman. It has several small hotels that get good Tripadvisor ratings and may be much better value than sleeping in one of the nearby cities. The two men were brothers but with both marriages remaining childless, the Ekkeharding dynasty became extinct with the death of Eckard in 1046. The cathedral is to the far west of the town center (Markt) as a reminder that the church and secular rulers had separate towns back in the middle ages. : 03445 – 2301-133 oder 03445 – 2301-120 Fax: 03445 – 2301-134 E-Mail: fuehrung@naumburger-dom.de. Jahrhundert. Ihre erste Bestattung erfolgte in … Er gehört zu den bedeutendsten Bauwerken der Spätromanik in Sachsen-Anhalt, ist eine Station an der Straße der Romanik und seit 2018 UNESCO-Weltkulturerbe. An informative photo tour. It is topped by a series of paintings of saints while the crucifix hanging down from the ceiling is from the 16th century. Minimum age is 6 years. (um 985 - 1046), ab 1038 Markgraf von Meißen, und seine Gemahlin Uta von Ballenstedt (* um 1000 - 1046), weltweit bekannt als Uta von Namburg - mehr zu ihr auf der nächsten Seite. And now, for the first time I met " Uta" - my first visit of Naumburg cathedral innside! Führung Dom und Ausstellung – Weg und Werke des Naumburger Meisters; Führung Dom und Domgarten – Der Naumburger Meister und sein Garten. The garden also offers splendid views of the west choir and the towers of the church, which have a remarkable variety of gargoyles including animals and human figures. Trains to Halle and Leipzig take around half an hour while Berlin may be reached in two hours — change trains in either Halle or Leipzig. Naumburg is a pleasant town of just over 30,000 inhabitants. Bestandsverzeichnis der Firmen; Unternehmensbesuche; Fachkraft im Fokus; Altersgerechtes Wohnen. The nearly square nave is finished with a polygon that represents the five sides of an octagon. Klarheit, Kühle und Strenge: Eine Mischung aus Idealität und Pathos war es, die Uta von Naumburg zum Inbild der Einsamkeit werden ließ. Jahrhunderts vom so genannten Naumburger Meister geschaffen und befindet sich im durch den Lettner abgetrennten Westchor des Naumburger Doms. The history of Naumburg Cathedral goes back to around 1029 when construction of an early Romanesque church was begun. Admission tickets to the Naumburg Cathedral are €7.50 (€5.50 for students and €3 for school children) and include admission to the cathedral, treasury, garden, cloister, exhibition, and use of an audio guide.